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Missing Phone

April 13, 2010

I didn’t even leave my house the other day with my phone and its missing! People ask the dumbest questions when you tell them that you’ve lost something. Im not going to get into the cliche questions and we all know what those questions are. For some reason I find myself looking in the oddest of places. A few hours ago I double checked my toilets in my house. DOUBLE CHECKED!!! what the fuck was I checking my toilet bowls for to begin with?! My fridge came up empty and all 4 garbage cans outside turned up nothing. I checked all my hoodies and jackets like as if I had some kind of mediocre dressing fashion show at my house with my dog. My mom asked me if its in my truck, and that I should get dressed, go outside and check my truck right away. No mom, I didnt check the most obvious places first.(meanwhile, at that point I haddn’t checked my truck..but my mom doesnt read my blogs, neither does her puerto rican boyfriend or retarded Im safe.) Its been about 3 days now without a phone and my life couldnt be more simple. The joy of listening to music without thinking that some instrument in one of the songs may be my phone ringing is a releif. I think every person in NYC should leave their phones home for a day and get back to reality of what life used to and should be like. Without a phone or a stupid BlueTooth strapped to your ear which makes you look like a complete TOOL/ASSHOLE. talk to you fucks later. Kursh