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Fucl<ing LOVE comedy

February 22, 2010

I really never realized how much I love stand-up comedy.  The smell of the shit holes I’ve performed at…the comradery between fellow comedians grinding it out every night trying to make something of themselves.  I may be in a different situation than many comedians trying to do the “perfect set.”  I’ve been blessed with a great job which lets me treat comedy with a more casual approach.  I can go a month without doing a set, and not lose money because I have a great career outside of comedy.  It’s because of this which makes me realize that comedy has a tight pedophile like strangle hold on my balls and will NEVER let go.  I find myself driving out to the city by myself  just to do a 5 minute set that I HAVE TO PAY FOR!  Its everything that surrounds the whole comedy scene.  I love sitting in dingy basements watching fellow comedians pouring theyre hearts out on stage just to get a “he eh,” which is a very small acknowledgement from another comedian when a joke is somewhat funny.    Theres nothing better than the feeling right before you go on.  As long as you do well, the rest of the night is great.  On the contrary, when I feel I did shitty…its a whole different world.  You need to have a few good sets under your belt to truley know if you’ve done a shitty job.  Reason being; you get a strange blank stare from the producer or fellow comedians.  If they dont actually say, “great set man” then you know you just tanked the shit out of that place.  If a producer doesnt ask you do to another show within the next month or so……there you go…you did shitty.  Thats all part of the stigma stand-up comedy has to offer.  Its not all about geting up there and making people laugh.  Its everything else around it.  Its the drive to the club drinking a beer thinking about what set you’ll be using that night.  Its the new joke at an open mic that already worked on the fat italian guy at work which you know wasn’t a credible source.   For the record, I try not to use many cliche’s or use any Hacky material.   I stay true to myself, and sometimes mix in a little imaginiation/fiction.  And your damn right I like getting credit when its due.  Reassurance is what we live for…..if it werent for feedback there would be no such thing as stand-up comedy.

Next month I’l be “trying out,” for Last Comic Standing 7.  The reason I quote Trying out is because if you didnt realize it by now its not really a true audition.  These network execs already know who will be making it though to the show.   The reason for me trying out is not with hopes to be on the show (which would be a shock and a 1000 to 1 odds) but more as a night hanging out with over 500 other comedians, some with the same drive as many of us NYC comedians.  Im not taking this audition too seriously or too lightly.  Im just gonna show up, hang out with some friends, and do the best 2 minutes that I think I have in me (drunk).