This Comedy Stuff

Had a decent show last night aside from using the word  FUCK a few too many times.  Heres a short clip from last nights show.

Last nights’ show was at The Looney Bin in Staten Island, and tonight I have to go back on to that shitty Island to do a show in Port Richmond which is the equivelent little Mexico.  Unfortunately I do not know too much spanish but I know enough to get by without being sliced by an essay.  Had a good time last night, few people from high school showed up and gave Kursh some support along with some of my friends and the fiance.  I really dont have much shit to write about right now…. I just dont want to forget that Im doing a blog and I’d like to try to keep up with it on a weekly basis at least.  Not that I have any “fans,” but if I someday do have fans, I think it would be pretty cool for them to be able to read this crap and say to themselves “WOW, he really really sucked in 2010…theres still hope for me!”

Peace for now everyone .




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