Hi, Im John Kurschner…Stand-Up comedian.

               Hey everyone who will eventually read this crap I’m about to write.  Im John Kurschner.  You may know me from the TV appearances I’ve never done.  Or, perhaps from my comedy central presents special I never did (YET).  Eventually, if I keep on getting better, I may end up on REAL TV as opposed to the Staten Island Comedy Show I’ll be doing next month that 20 people will watch because they’re drunk and high.  I always read blogs from fellow comedians so I guess I’m going to start writing blogs.  Im not even sure who will read this or what the word BLOG means.  All I know is that doing a blog will make me more Googleable so in turn I will contribute to the Comedian online community and rant about shit that most people dont care about.  Im in the process of booking 5 shows in the next two months, which is a lot of stand-up for me in that period of time.  I’m used to sitting on my ass and doing work when I felt like it, but I have to strike while the irons hot.  My brain juices are flowing and in the comedy world, you have to take advantage of the ideas that pop into your head on a daily basis.  Sometimes I’ll go weeks without thinking of anything funny enough to make it to the stage, but for some reason…..the more I go back to Staten Island the more material I gather.  The idiots that dwell the Island I spent 27 years of my life on supply me with the retarded insight I bring to the stage.  I’m going to leave for now, and if I remember I registered for this blog then maybe I’ll continue to write blogs. 

I have a show next wednesday, Jan 27th @ 830pm  at The Looney Bin Staten Island.

Hopefully I’ll be at the Village Lantern this wed night (1/20) at 845 (open mic)

Also At Village Lantern Feb 3…same time as above..or I could’ve typed 845 since it would have been less words than what I’ve just typed.

Feb 26th I’ll be taping a tv show for SI cable called “The Staten Island Comedy Show,” fimed somewhere on Staten Island.

March 20th 1030pm at Alor Cafe, 2110 Richmond Road, SINY 10306


2 Responses to “Hi, Im John Kurschner…Stand-Up comedian.”

  1. thekursh Says:

    I guess I’ll figure out how this shit works eventually. As for now..this was my first lame ass blog.

  2. jules Says:

    “the more I go back to Staten Island the more material I gather.”…me too and i’m not even a comedian 🙂

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